Once you have decided on entering an event you need to go the event page within this website by clicking on the event on the calendar or one of the links on this site.

Then select the number of entries you wish to process for each distance. If you are entering a group then please enter them all together in one transaction.

Click add to cart. 
Then click proceed to registration on the pop-up
Fill in the primary entrant entry form.
Fill in the rest of the entrants details if there are other entrants
Click proceed to payment options
Select a payment option (Payfast or EFT)
If you select Payfast (credit card option) then follow the process to pay by credit card.
If you choose EFT, the banking details and a reference code will be emailed to you.

NB: Please use the primary entrants code as your beneficiary bank reference when making payment so we can allocate your payment to you entry.

It may take a few days for your EFT to clear into our STD Bank account.

Once the funds have cleared you will receive a confirmation of your entry via email.

NB: Please do not process multiple entries. If your process fails then return to your shopping cart and continue from there as opposed to starting a new entry.

This occasionally happens when the software of the web browser being used to enter clashes with the software of the entry form.

Solution: Use another computer or device to process your entry

Our office hours are from 8am – 12.30pm

During these hours we take phone calls and whatsapp messages

Should you wish to contact us outside these hours please use whatsapp or email and we will respond during our work hours.

Tel: 0827917069

Email: info@kzntrailrunning.co.za

Once you have processed your entry via the online entry system, you will receive a confirmation email with an entry reference number and payment details for EFT and credit card. Please use your entry reference as a payment reference so we can correctly allocate your payment.

Yes – please send an email to info@kzntrailrunning.co.za to process changes. For standard LVTR events, on the day of an event, upgrades can be made at the cost of the difference between the races.

If for whatever reason an entrant can no longer participate in an event and would like to request a refund, that entrant should kindly make said request personally and in writing by emailing info@lowveldtrailrunning.co.za. And then, refunds will be granted in voucher format, as follows:

60+ = 90% voucher
30 – 60 days before the event = 50% refund
0 – 30 days before the event = No refund

In the case that an event is postponed or cancelled due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, please note that a direct transfer to another event will be free of charge. LVTR Credit vouchers are also available but will incur a 10% admin fee.

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Race Queries

This differs from race to race. Information will be given in the Race Instructions Emailer the day before the event but final instructions will be stipulated in the final race briefing. As with all trail running, we strongly encourage participants to carry their own additional hydration.

During registration of the event, you will be issued a race number. We re-use these, so please return them after your event. Any additional information regarding registration will be given on the race page of the event.

Right here on LVTR or on the official race web-page.

Unfortunately most of our venues do not allow dogs. Please check with us beforehand as it can cause a tricky situation with landowners.

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Race and Personal Data

Privacy is becoming more and more important in our ever increasingly data driven world. Personal information will be kept private and only race data will be publicly shown. Please note that race data from several events are shared with internation trail running databases. This information is limited to participants names, gender, date of birth and their respective performances. For all participants that do not want this information to be shared, please email info@kzntrailrunning.co.za

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Event Indemnity

By accepting the indemnity when entering any LVTR trail run event you agree to all the conditions set forth therein.

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