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The Wild Rivers Traverse invites participants to join in the conservation journey of the Wild Rivers Private Nature Reserve and Bushriver Lodge, as they seek official nature reserve status amidst the rich biodiversity of South Africa’s Blyde Olifants Conservancy Association. By supporting this endeavor through the trail run, individuals directly contribute to protecting the vital confluence of the Blyde and Olifants rivers, crucial lifelines for both the reserves and the iconic Kruger National Park. This commitment to conservation includes rigorous adherence to government regulations, financial investments, and active wildlife management efforts such as species reintroduction and anti-poaching patrols. The trail run not only offers an unforgettable adventure amidst stunning landscapes but also represents a significant step towards preserving the natural beauty and diversity of these sanctuaries. Together, participants become stewards of these ecosystems, ensuring their continued thriving for future generations and underscoring the importance of conservation in safeguarding our planet’s heritage.



Included in package entries.
Join us for two nights in the Wild Rivers Bush.
Single man tents.
Bathrooms with showers available.
Electric plug points are available.
This option includes breakfast and dinners for Friday and Saturday Night.

*Please note you will need to bring your own camping accessories including a mattress and any other equipment you may require for your overnight adventure.

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Bookings can be made at Bush River Lodge for runners and spectators that would prefer not to camp. There are several options available but note the accommodation is limited – be sure to make your bookings early:

3-sleeper Room – R 940 per person per night
2-sleeper Room – R 1 340 per person per night
4-sleeper KF – R 715 per person per night
4-sleeper RH – R 865 per person per night

Catering is also available for R655 per person.

Please note bookings need to be made directly with the lodge and no fees are included in the packages offered here.

Phone: 079 366 7258

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